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Looking for work in Lille?
  If you are a United Kingdom national then you do not need a work permit to take up employment in France.

It is suggested that you prepare not only a curriculum vitae in English but also a corresponding biography in French; and you should take care to ensure that the contextual French is of a native standard.

The next thing to do is to target your potential future employer and a practical way (i.e. without even leaving your home town) to find companies which are active in a particular field is to use the on-line version of the French yellow pages

Some of the entries also show an e-mail address but it might be better to write an accompanying letter to your C.V. (here again make sure that the French is of a native speaker level) and send both, by post in the first instance, to those companies you have identified.

You should not, unfortunately, expect a plethora of positive replies and it has been estimated (on a purely non-scientific basis) that only one application out of a hundred is likely to bring a positive response or to lead to a first interview.

Thus, if you achieve a better ratio than this, you are definitely doing something right; and if you are disappointed not to have received even an acknowledgment after only 3 or 4 letters, then keep writing and increase the odds of achieving your work goal.

The British Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Lille is unfortunately unable to offer any direct assistance or individual advice in job finding to individuals; but we would nevertheless suggest you persevere and you could even write and tell us when you get your first job in our area.

Moreover, if you were to find yourself in Lille on the first Friday of the month then please feel free to attend the British Chamber Lunch; you will of course have to pay for yourself but you might possibly meet a contact which leads to the job you are seeking.

Finally, it is mentioned in passing that the Chamber members who are shown on this site have indicated to us that they receive up to 10 unsolicited job applications per week, even though most are not currently seeking to take on staff; thus competition is fierce and it would be advisable not to write to these members unless you are absolutely certain that you know precisely what they do and that you have a specific skill which they might need.